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Injections & Vaccinations

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Injections & Vaccinations

In addition to the flu shot, our pharmacists are able to provide a variety of other vaccines, such as many types of travel immunizations. Specific vaccinations can be given by pharmacists to adults and to kids who have reached a certain age. Visit our pharmacy to get a primary COVID-19 vaccine or booster dose.

So many new treatments and medications are now part of a specialty group called biologics. Most of these medications are highly effective, but many of them need to be injected. Similarly, many effective diabetes treatments and anticoagulation therapies (for blood clots) also need to be injected. This can be very intimidating and sometimes scary to do on your own.

Our injection-certified pharmacists not only could provide these injections for you when it is convenient for your schedule, but we can teach you how to perform these injections safely and painlessly on your own. We can also teach you how to store and transport your therapy so you never miss vacation or a golf game.

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